Questions and answers

How to make a booking?

Choose the most convenient to you way to make a booking:

Make a visit to our office

You can easily find us at the following address: city of Varna, Kniaz Boris 1st blvd. No. 26. There, we will provide you with the necessary and useful to you information about your travel, desired holiday or business seminar.

Call us on the phone

If you are too busy to spare time for a visit in person, you can make your booking by telephone. Please, call us on:

  • +359 52 953213
  • +359 88 8083558
  • +359 88 6508274

At a provided by you address, we will deliver all documents necessary for your planned travel.

Through the internet page of Triana Star International OOD – Easy and fast – browsing through various vacation destinations, you can complete the Inquiry Form, and we will promptly contact you. In the space of 2 hours, we will provide you with all necessary info regarding your inquiry made.

By e-mail

Write an e-mail message to us, to tell us about the holiday dreamed by you, or to share your experience, and forward it to . In response, you will immediately receive a competent comment, or additional info, or we will make the booking you asked for.

How to make payment?

  • On the spot, in the office of Triana Star International, for cash payments.
  • By bank transfer: Reiffeisenbank, Varna branch:

Account in BGN - IBAN: BG73RZBB91551027198300

Account in EUR - IBAN: BG17RZBB91551427198305


What documents will I receive for my travel?

When purchasing a tourist product from us you will receive a Booking Request, and also a document describing the service booked, and the terms of payment and cancellations. By confirmed hotel booking and full payment made on your part, you will receive:

  • Contract for organized tourist travel for a customer of Triana Star International OOD, which contains the entire information concerning your travel: hotel accommodation, number and type of rooms, insurance, transport (if applicable), and also terms and way of payment for services and goods booked by you.
  • Hotel voucher: an official document recognized under the Tourism Act, valid for travels in the country and abroad. In contains data about the products and additional services paid by you. It should be presented at the hotel of your stay.
  • Copy of the Tour Operator Liability Certificate.
  • Under the provisions of the Tourism Act, each registered tour operator must hold a validly taken Tour Operator Liability insurance cover, and present it to their customers. Triana Star International OOD has taken such insurance under Policy No. 3405090800R02471 issued by Bulstrad Insurance Company
  • Invoice for the payment made by you.
  • Additional information: legal requirements and general useful information related to the countries you are about to visit, including visa regime, etc.

How do I receive the documents related to my travel?

  • On the spot, in the office of Triana Star International
  • By a courier at the specified by you address